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The design of roads, sewers, drains and water infrastructure was standardized by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. Unlimited time and money was allocated towards infrastructure that was designed to last ‘forever’.

Contemporary Infrastructure is still designed to demanding standards. However, time and money weigh heavily on the success of the project.

Timely and cost-effective solutions have never been more critical to the success of your project.

The time for disruption has arrived.


Verb; to prevent something, especially a system, process or event, from continuing as usual or as expected

At DSEL, we have spent the past 25 years merging best civil engineering practices with our unrivalled, in-house proprietary technology to reduce time, control costs, and increase precision. Our resulting subdivision design innovations optimize what matters most to progressive builders:

Time – DSEL offers industry-shattering design timelines to meet the most demanding project schedules for large, complex subdivisions.

Money – DSEL provides subdivision designs powered by IT solutions that embed game-changing, cost/benefit analysis for builders.

Accelerate Your Subdivision

At DSEL, disruption is where time-honoured knowledge meets leading-edge technology.

Stay ahead of the curve.

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