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Work with the engineer that…

  • thinks like a builder

  • imagines like an artist

  • innovates like a tech company

DSEL has been disrupting the subdivision industry since 1994 to save builders time and money. It’s not idle talk – let us prove it!

I have known David Schaeffer for more than 25 years, and my company Mattamy Homes has worked with DSEL across Canada, as Mattamy’s most significant civil engineering and land development provider. There are many reasons we go back to them time and time again.

David and his team have made it a priority over the years to get to know Mattamy, our business, our processes and our product extremely well. As such, we’ve built a particularly effective partnership – they have grown and worked in lockstep with our teams, are responsive to and anticipate our needs, and are always willing to go the extra mile.

I have known DSEL to be innovative, creative thinkers when it comes to problem-solving – but frankly, they usually anticipate and address problems before they present! They also have great relationships with the other stakeholders we need to engage with in our business, such as conservation authorities and municipalities, making the process smoother and end result a collaborative effort. I couldn’t recommend a more valued partner.

Peter Gilgan, O.C., O.Ont., LL. D. FCA, CPA  |  Chairman & CEO
Mattamy Asset Management and Founder of Mattamy Homes 

DSEL Accelerating Subdivisions

Selecting the right engineer has never been more important.

Land development obstacles are accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

  • Communities are getting larger and more complex
  • Increasing environmental regulations

  • Stringent approval requirements
  • Increasing development charges and fees

  • Longer processing times

Builders and developers need to move faster and control costs to stay ahead of the curve.

DSEL’s subdivision engineers can accelerate your subdivision using proprietary technology and decades of hands-on experience specializing in large residential communities.

Our clients enjoy real competitive advantages:

  • Reduced capital costs

  • Reduced production time

  • Streamlined approvals

  • Genuine design choices

DSEL Innovations

100 Acres in 10 days

Get to market faster with detailed engineering drawings in 10 business days.

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Builder Visualization

Move beyond the numbers with DSEL’s Builder Visualization drawings and understand your subdivision in seconds.

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Municipal Checking Drawings

DSEL’s innovation, Municipal Checking Drawings, assists approval agencies to quickly verify conformance with design standards.

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DSEL is a developer-oriented firm that provides land development engineering services to many of Canada’s largest and most successful builders.  Our services focus on the engineering needs of the largest and most complex residential communities including:

  • Due diligence investigations
  • Master Environmental Servicing Plans
  • Functional servicing reports
  • Draft plan support
  • Water resources engineering
  • Detailed subdivision design services
  • Community-Wide Cost sharing
  • Developers’ Group Engineering Services
  • Electrical distribution systems



North Oakville Secondary Plan Area Woodland Trails and the Preserve

Our team has played an important role in the realignment of existing channels, creation of new wildlife habitats, installation of deep sewers within shale, installation of open-span culverts, completion of thousands of cubic metres of earth moving, as well as installation of services within existing rights-of-way and environmentally sensitive areas using trenchless construction methods. Through DSEL’s dynamic work environment, as well as a highly-motivated and communicative team, we have been able to consistently deliver these projects at an impressive pace.

Project Manager, Oakville Team



It is exciting to be on the leading edge of our fast-paced industry. The 426-unit job was paved to base asphalt less than 12-weeks after receiving the storm ECA’s, despite having challenging features including deep servicing, two SWM Ponds, and a sensitive wetland to protect. The project met an unprecedented schedule and delivered a fully permit-serviced site to our client, less than 12-months after the first submission drawings.

Project Manager, Milton Team



The topography of this site and its proximity to an NHS required careful consideration in the selection of a cost-effective alignment that minimized road grades while reducing retaining walls and grading blocks. Our proprietary process allowed us to analyze multiple layouts and prepare grading alternatives for each option, all within a matter of days.

Senior Engineering Designer, Caledon Team



The project was not easy – it had Pond MOEs/channel relocation permits and construction in one year (unheard of) – and yet we found a way to smash any impediment to success. It is easy to say you are fast, but a project success like the Preserve demonstrates we can deliver.

Manager of Project Administration, Great Toronto Area


The Ridge

We were asked to design and oversee the construction of 14kms of sewer, a stormwater management pond, and a half-million cubic metre earthworks program to transform a historical quarry into a 630 lot subdivision all in A YEAR AND A HALF! Our answer – no problem!

Project Manager, Barrhaven Team

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

We were asked to complete a detailed design for a subdivision that consisted of about 220 units on 11.75 hectares. With the use of tools developed by the automated design department, a team of two designers was able to complete the detailed design for this project from start to finish in less than 3 weeks! The ongoing innovation and collaboration between departments to streamline design processes allow for more time to be focused on the intricate details of the engineering design work and less time on drafting.

Junior Designer, Half Moon Bay Team

Cardinal Creek

Cardinal Creek Village

Using DSEL’s systematic approach to land development design, we were able to advance the 570 acre Cardinal Creek Village study area through a master servicing study and Stage 1 draft plan approval process to delivery of a complete detailed design package to service more than 1,000 homes, all in a period of just over one year.

Manager of Project Administration, Ottawa Region Team

Accelerate Your Subdivision